Pinnacle Auto Appraisers

At Pinnacle Auto Appraisers, we're more than just a service — we're your nationwide solution for all your vehicle appraisal needs. With a proven track record and emphasis on quality and customer service, our certified appraisers handle everything from insurance claims to classic car appraisals.

Top Services We Offer:

  • Diminished Value Claims
  • Total Loss Appraisals
  • Classic Car Appraisals
  • Lease Turn-In Inspections
  • Commercial Vehicle Appraisals
  • Stated Value
  • Insurance Coverage Appraisals
  • Bank Loan Appraisals
  • Theft Recovery Appraisals
  • GAP Insurance Appraisals
  • Standard Presumptive Value Appraisals
  • IRS Tax Form 8283/Noncash Charitable Appraisals
  • Bonded Title Appraisals
  • Insurance Policy Appraisals
  • Motorcycle Appraisals
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Marine, Boats, Airboats, Personal Watercraft
  • Tiny Home Appraisals
  • and many more...just ask.
Experience the pinnacle of auto appraising with us.

From the early stages of valuation to navigating complex insurance claims, Pinnacle Auto Appraisers is committed to ensuring that your vehicle's worth is recognized and honored. Whether it's a modern car, a classic gem, or heavy machinery, our team is here for you. Experience the pinnacle of auto appraisal with us.

Total Loss

 Total Loss
Disputed insurance valuation?
We can help ascertain your vehicle's Fair Market Value. You're entitled to an independent appraisal for a second opinion. Our expert appraiser will assess your vehicle and, if needed, negotiate with the insurer.

Diminished Value

Diminished Value
Vehicle accident not your fault?
Accidents decrease market value. Your vehicle now has an accident history, affecting its worth. Insurance offers may undervalue; get our certified appraisal for true value. Limited time for Total Loss claims; contact Pinnacle soon.

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Contact Pinnacle Auto Appraisers at

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Brake Safety
"Pinnacle Auto Appraisers don't just evaluate a vehicle's worth; they emphasize the critical significance of brake safety in ensuring every journey concludes safely."

Call Us Toll Free! - tel:1-877-988-9911

Corporate & Fleet Appraisals

Pinnacle Auto Appraisers excels in offering specialized valuation services for corporate and fleet vehicles. With an understanding of business requirements and large-scale operations, we tailor appraisals to meet organizational needs, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Our team's expertise ensures reliable valuations that facilitate fleet renewals, acquisitions, and asset management strategies.

Trade-In Appraisal and Valuation
"Pinnacle Auto Appraisers specialize in pinpointing a vehicle's true value, reflecting an in-depth understanding of both its mechanical integrity and the safety it ensures on the road."

Vehicle Appraisal Expertise

Pinnacle Auto Appraisers is equipped with an advanced valuation methodology, ensuring each vehicle's assessment is tailored to its unique attributes and market trends. Whether assessing a classic car, daily driver or specialized vehicle, our commitment remains consistently focused: to provide accurate and reliable valuations that stand up in any context, from insurance claims to private sales.

Personalized Review: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers

Personalized Review: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers
Expert Tailored Vehicle Evaluation
Insurers require certified appraisals, especially for custom cars. Standard values don't capture unique or customized car worth. For accurate compensation post-accident, get a stated value appraisal.

Accident Assistance: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers

Accident Assistance: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers
Post-Accident Expertise
Vehicle totaled in an accident? Disagree with the insurer? Get our certified appraisal to determine its true value. Our appraisers assess on-site and manage total loss claim negotiations.

Fleet Expertise: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers

Fleet Expertise: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers
Comprehensive Fleet Valuations
Pinnacle appraises expansive vehicle fleets, catering to diverse sectors including vans, trucking, limousines, shuttles, buses, corporate entities, taxis, dealerships, clubs, rentals, and delivery services.

CAR CLUBS & REPAIR SHOPS: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers

CAR CLUBS & REPAIR SHOPS: Pinnacle Auto Appraisers
Car Clubs & Repair Shops
Pinnacle appraisers are enthusiasts for car clubs and workshops. Every car, from Corvettes to custom tuners, has value. Trust us with your appraisal needs.